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We are a vibrant law firm dedicated to helping people resolve their matters with minimum wasted effort or expense.

We have set out to be different from your traditional law firm. We have developed services aimed at providing more value for money to our clients. This is what sets us apart:

Unbundled Law Services – We are pioneers in providing unbundled legal services. You get the option of only paying for the services you require. We have unbundled areas of law into advice, document preparation and court representation. You choose.


Full Legal Services – If unbundling is not your thing, we offer full legal services at low cost for people wanting ongoing legal assistance.


Free 1 Hour Consultation – Your initial consultation with us is FREE! You get a free one hour initial consultation where you can freely discuss your issue and work out the best and cost efficient way forward.


Fixed Fee Packages – We offer fixed fee packages on most of our services. Our fees are fixed and clear, you will not have to worry about escalated legal costs.

Clear Payment Plans – In addition to our fixed fees, we also offer clear payment plans to help you remain in control of your legal costs.


Tailored Service – No two legal matters are the same, your matter is different and should be treated as such. With us, what does not differ from matter to matter is the amount of time and effort which is put in to ensure that our clients are cared for, understood and listened to.


Open On Saturdays – We understand that sometimes it is almost impossible to find time to see a lawyer during the traditional 8:30am – 5:00pm hours and as such, we have made our services more accessible by opening on Saturdays and after-hours on appointment.

Nelson is one of a rare breed of law professionals that actually genuinely cares about the welfare of his clients. I have been with Nelson for over 2 years and his advice and guidance have been invaluable for me during this difficult time. It was thanks to the way Nelson and his team handled my proceedings that put me in a strong position going into my trial and I am now expecting a positive decision from the magistrate. I would absolutely recommend Nelson to anyone who is need of quality legal representation.

Craig Brodziak

Best lawyer ever!!!! Absolutely happy!!!!!

Veronica Queen

Regardless of what situation you happen to be in - family or property dispute, the people working here will support you 24/7 with legal as well as psychological assistance. All their advise is centered towards the most efficient outcome and quick conclusion as opposed to a long lasting process which would serve their own purpose. Thank you

Lana Volski

Nelson Chibwe was very approachable, friendly and most helpful!

Amanda Ewing

I dealt with Nelson Chibwe during a separation from my ex partner. I was also going though major surgery at that same time. It was very stressful, I hired Nelson to represent me and he was so helpful. He took all the stress out of my separation and I could just concentrate on getting my health better. He even came to my house so I could sign papers as I was unable to drive or walk far. Nelson was very professional,compassionate and approachable. He explained everything to me step by step and I felt I could ask him anything and he would always return any emails or phone calls promptly. I'd highly recommend Nelson and his firm if you need legal representation. I also found compared to other law firms the cost was very competitive.

Karen Hammersley

Nelson has been amazing through my separation and divorce. He is friendly , easy to approach, understanding through tough times , very efficient , very smart & professional. With the free 1hr consultation he explained everything very clearly with affordable rates. Highly recommended . Looking forward to continuing with you. Thanks you

Jenny Tat

Nelson was a calming influence for myself ,when going through an exasperating property settlement.His insights ,looking at the situation from the outside, brought a level of common sense to the table. Nelson helped me keep my sanity through the process ,even though the other party already had an exceptional deal before they called there lawyer. I highly recommend him and his team

Rick Smith

Nelson was absolutely an amazing lawyer. He fights for what you want and goes above and beyond to help those who really need it. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a lawyer! He was very respectful and actually cares about his clients, he is approachable and kept everything positive for us and explained things when we didn't know what they meant. Thank you Nelson and your fabulous firm you were an amazing help from 2016-2017! 10/10!

Kerry Chatt