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Traffic Law

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Going to court for a traffic matter can be a daunting experience. It need not be. With experienced lawyers like team at Efficient Law Group on your side you can be assured that your matter will be expertly prepared and presented to the court for the best possible outcome.


Our experienced traffic lawyers are available to assist with all traffic matters. This includes suspension or cancellation of licences, traffic infringement notices, criminal charges arising from traffic matters and the like.


Being charged with a traffic matter or having an infringement notice issued can cause a great deal of emotional stress and potentially a significant impact on one’s finances particularly in circumstances where you may lose your licence and your job. Our team can assist you in preparing your case. This could take the form of a complete defence being mounted as against any traffic charge or alternatively entering a plea of guilty and making submissions on your part to ensure the most favourable outcome that can be achieved.


Our experienced traffic law team  can assist by providing you with advice and representation for all traffic matters including:

  • Drink Driving;
  • Drug Driving;
  • Refusing breath test;
  • Careless Driving;
  • Dangerous Driving;
  • Reckless Driving;
  • Careless/Dangerous/Reckless driving causing Death/Grievous Bodily Harm/Bodily Harm;
  • Failing to stop when called upon by police to do so (police pursuit); and
  • No Authority to Drive.